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Painless 'Breast Easy Test' Early Prevention

Product introduction

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women and the third leading cause of cancer deaths. According to the Hong Kong Cancer Registry,2019Annual data, average daily12There are {{number}} women diagnosed with breast cancer, and there is a trend of younger age for breast cancer, which should not be taken lightly. Studies have shown that more than80%Breast cancer can be detected through self-examination. 'Breast Check' can help you easily perform monthly self-examinations and prevent early detection.


u  Amplified tactile sensitivity16Double#

ü  準確度高達98.6%*

ü  可重覆使用

ü  無痛快測

#According to clinical tests in the United States and Japan, breast pads can enhance tactile sensitivity16Using a milk testing pad to touch hair feels like touching an electric wire.

*Based on research by Kawasaki Medical College According to the report, the accuracy of finding lumps with the help of "Milk Easy Test" is as high as 98.6%, enabling patients to seek medical attention early.

Suitable for objects

  •          20women aged over
  •        Those who have undergone female hormone therapy
  •        menopausal women
  •       Women with a family history of breast cancer


1.    Check the 'BreastEasy' box, each 'BreastEasy' box contains one breast pad.

2.    menstrual period end date4-5After use, place the breast measurement pad on the breast and gently massage.

3.    If you notice any changes in your breasts, please consult your doctor immediately.

4.    It is recommended to perform self-checks at least once a month.

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