Taiwan life element enzyme

Taiwan life element enzyme

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Product introduction

The importance of enzymes to the body

Human cells contain about 1,300 enzymes. Combined with coenzymes contained in other vitamins and minerals, they can form about 100,000 different chemicals, such as the breakdown of ingested food, the anabolism of body tissues, and the construction of muscle tissue. , nerve cells, bones, skin or glandular tissue, etc. All physiological activities, large and small, require the participation of enzymes. All life phenomena are phenomena of enzyme activity.

Why does the body need to supplement enzymes?

  • Maintain normal metabolism
  • Balance the ph value in the small intestine
  • Help clear intestinal feces and vascular garbage
  • Purify the blood, improve acidic body constitution
  • Balance immunity, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial
  • Plant enzymes contain a large amount of essential nutrients, providing nutrition to the body

Enzyme characteristics

  • Natural Fruit and Vegetable Herbal Formula
  • Drink it every day to relax your stomach
  • Easily adjust physiological functions
  • No heavy metals, no plasticizers, no pesticide residues
  • The original liquid is rich, the fruit flavor is sweet and mellow, and the taste is excellent

Product Features

Commonly used enzymes generally have the following functions

Papaya enzyme - aids digestion and moistens the lungs, helping to digest proteins.

Pineapple Enzyme - Reduce swelling and dampness, aid digestion, soothe sore throat

Willow orange enzyme - moisturizes the stomach, strengthens blood vessels, and can prevent colds, flu, and bruises

Lemon enzyme - rich in vitamin C, helps to relieve cough and phlegm, and aids in eliminating toxins from the body.

Apple enzyme - regulates gastrointestinal function, promotes kidney function.

Grapefruit enzyme - prevent colds and gum bleeding.

Product ingredients

nutrition label Per 30 ml Per 100 ml


119 kcal

396.6 kcal


0.1 g

0.4 g


0.1 g

0.6 g

Saturated fat

0 grams

0 grams

Trans fat

0 grams

0 grams


29.2 grams

97.4 grams


18.7 g

62.4 grams


9.6 mg

32 mg


Drink it every morning and evening, one cup at a time (included cup: 30cc); you can also add five times the amount of water (the water temperature must be below 40°C), dilute it before drinking.


Customer Reviews

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It works for my gastric!

I have had gastric the past 5 years and have been taking Omeprazole to manage this gastric.
I have been looking natural remedies to my condition and I am so glad I stumbled upon this drink.
I learnt that it is rich in probiotics which is good for my stomach - the doctor in the ER even read this page and assured me it would be good for my stomach.

It does not taste bitter or awful. Also, there is no such thing as consuming too little or too much.
The daily supplement you need!

Now I am an affiliate member and promoting this to my friends and families - we can earn while working hard to stay fit!