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A new sleep therapy experience

Product introduction

The state-of-the-art "Japan Optical Hot Spring Mat" combines Japan's exclusive scientific research materials with hot spring healing principles to bring out the feeling of hot spring bathing, allowing you to enjoy a new and ultimate sleep experience that will be unforgettable!

The newly added CP fiber of the fifth generation Japanese optical hot spring mat uses cutting-edge nanotechnology to grind five core mineral raw materials, and through quantum effects, the energy of the five core minerals (including: tourmaline, silicon dioxide, platinum, gold, and iridium) is doubled. Large, combined with hot spring stone as the main material core, it perfectly sublimates the effect of hot spring bathing. The MIGHTYTOP® II patented fabric is long-lasting antibacterial and anti-mite, and also skillfully disperses weight, making you feel soft, hygienic and comfortable.

Want to enjoy the benefits of soaking in hot springs every night? The Japanese optical hot spring mat brings you a new experience of quality sleep therapy!

Product Features

Negative potential

  • Accelerate the repair of damaged cells to restore cellular function
  • Regulate the autonomic nervous system, parasympathetic nerve conduction, and improve sleep quality
  • Enhance immune cell function and boost immunity by 5-6 times
  • Purify the blood, balance the body's pH levels
  • Maintain the functions of the five internal organs and six viscera to prevent chronic diseases

CP fiber

Including five major core minerals:

  • Platinum is a catalyst that can enhance the functionality of other materials and has antioxidant properties
  • The jadeite emits a low electrical current, which can promote the circulation of qi and blood, and alleviate fatigue and soreness.
  • Silicon dioxide can increase heat and maintain the stability of far infrared rays
  • Gold can promote the absorption of far infrared rays by the human body
  • Iridium has strong load-bearing capacity, is not easily deformed, and can consolidate the materials of hot spring mats.

hot spring stone

  • Rich in minerals, releasing negative ions, relieving stress
  • Release a large amount of far infrared rays, eliminate fatigue, and restore physical strength
  • Promote blood circulation, relax tendons and activate meridians, relieve chronic pain
  • Promote metabolism, eliminate toxins, and alleviate chronic skin conditions

Negative ions

  • Balance and stabilize the positive and negative electrons in the human body to achieve yin-yang balance
  • Strong antioxidant effect, nourishing beauty skin
  • With the reputation of 'air vitamin', it enhances brain activity efficiency
  • Increase body's oxygen content by 30% to improve cardiopulmonary function

far infrared ray

  • Generate internal water resonance, strengthen the body's self-healing power, restore vitality
  • Deodorizing and antibacterial, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving
  • Improve blood circulation, promote metabolism
  • Helps transport nutrients, aids in wound healing
  • Restore blood vessel elasticity, help eliminate fat and waste


  • Warming the channels, dispersing cold to alleviate pain, relieving muscle and bone soreness
  • Dredge blood vessels and lymphatic system, detoxify and reduce edema
  • Regulate the circulation of qi and blood, improve microcirculation, and alleviate cold hands and feet issues
  • Eliminate dampness and toxins, improve the constitution of deficiency-cold

Product materials

Smooth plush fabric

  • Made from densely woven plush, super soft, highly elastic, breathable, and easier to regulate temperature.

CP fiber

  • It is ground from a variety of ore raw materials, including: platinum, tourmaline, silicon dioxide, gold, and iridium. Through nanotechnology and quantum effects, the effect of the materials is doubled.

hot spring stone

  • Functional materials made from hot spring stones rich in minerals can release high permeability far infrared rays and negative ions.

MIGHTYTOP®Patented fabric

  • The exclusive patented MIGHTYTOP® II fabric developed by Teijin of Japan not only adds elasticity to the hot spring mat, but also has strong anti-mite, antibacterial and moisture-absorbing effects, keeping you hygienic and comfortable at all times.

carbon fiber

  • The hair-like mesh carbon wires are made of Binchotan carbon, which can conduct heat. It can make the hot spring pad evenly conduct heat without the need for heating wires, making it safe and durable.

product specifications

Product Name: Japanese Optical Hot Spring Pad

Rated voltage / frequency: AC220-240V / 50Hz

Timer: 1-8 hours

Main heat-generating material: carbon fiber

Voltage: -300V / -600V / -800V


CP61 - 2.5ft x 6ft / 760mm x 1830mm (6.6kg)

CP62 - 3ft x 6ft / 920mm x 1830mm (9.8kg)

CP63 - 4ft x 6ft / 1220mm x 1830mm (10.5kg)

CP64 - 4.5ft x 6ft / 1370mm x 1830mm (13.3kg)

CP65 - 5ft x 6.5ft / 1520mm x 2000mm (16.2kg)

Country of Origin: Japan

This product is intended for health and rehabilitation purposes only. Patients should consult a doctor before use.


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