Japanese thermal massage chiropractic instrument

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15-minute comprehensive improvement of lower back pain and soreness

Product introduction

Currently the most lightweight, slim and foldable Japanese thermal massage spine massager, LE21, uses a unique acupressure roller developed by referring to the shape and hardness of a shiatsu practitioner’s thumb. It can accurately grasp the back and surrounding acupuncture points and effectively improve the condition. Modern people have problems such as muscle tightness, spinal abnormalities, fatigue and pain caused by their living habits.

The 2-axis 8-wheel roller is as skillful and gentle as the hands of a professional acupressure practitioner. It is equipped with two vibration functions of "kneading" and "thumping". Pressing from bottom to top can help loosen and stretch tight back muscles, effectively stretching muscles and bones. , "kneading" can gently relieve tight, hardened and fatigued muscles; "beating" can stimulate peripheral nerves rhythmically, you can choose from 3 automatic acupressure programs: "Full Body", "Upper Body", and "Lower Body". You can also specify full-body acupressure massage and freely select 3 parts for local acupressure massage. It is easy to operate and luxurious to enjoy.

Just lie down and you can relieve the tension, stiffness, and fatigue in your whole body!

Product Features

Shiatsu roller massage

Targeting multiple acupoints from the spine to the feet with pressure, helps improve muscle stiffness issues, and alleviate overall body soreness and fatigue.

Vibration function

Vibrating approximately 2,400 times per minute can stimulate peripheral nerves and further enhance the effectiveness of acupressure massage.

Slapping and hammering functions

By using the functions of tapping, pounding, and vibrating together, it can relax the muscles and bones of the whole body, relieve the tension, hardening, and pain in the back muscles.

far infrared ray

Effectively enhance the effects of acupressure massage, improve gastrointestinal function, promote blood circulation, and help alleviate fatigue.

product specifications

Product model: LE21

Dimensions: 620mm x 2,080mm x 90mm (motor part/120mm)

Folded dimensions: 620mm x 1,100mm x 180mm

Weight: about 15kg

Power: 220V AC 50Hz 100W

Color: dark brown

Approval number for electrical appliances in Japan: No. 91-31355

Attachment: Specialized luggage bag for collection,


certificate of origin

EC Safety Specification Statement

EMC Certification

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