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Japanese Sleep Pillow
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Product introduction

Japan's Quick Sleep Pillow Series - Queen Bee Pillow adopts a square-shaped design with a lower concave middle to properly support the head, shoulders, neck and entire spine, and uses an elastic and strong mesh bag to contain three different sizes and softnesses The high-energy health-care beads can effectively support the back of the head, and the thickness of the pillow allows users to get a good and sound sleep.

Choose a fast sleep pillow now. When lying down, it can help relieve the pressure on the lower back when standing or working during the day, increase the depth of sleep, and "recharge" the body and brain!


Highly breathable

The independence and hollow design of the highly breathable beads allow air to circulate inside the pillow, preventing heat accumulation and suffocation during use. It has efficient heat dissipation and ventilation, keeping the head cool.

Strong supporting capacity

The high-energy health beads with strong supporting force effectively support the head, shoulders, and neck, relieving pressure, relaxing muscles, and eliminating fatigue.

Lightweight and soft texture

The polyester fiber hollow balls with high resilience are not easily broken and deformed; after the fibers are extruded, they can quickly rebound and restore their original shape; after long-term use, the pillow will not be easily deformed.

Adjust thickness by yourself

The number of balls in the pillow can be increased or reduced according to personal needs; the independent balls can be adjusted in real time according to the rotation of the human body when lying down.

Free from dust mites and mold

Pillows made of traditional materials will deteriorate and deform due to the influence of environmental moisture and human body sweat, producing dirt, mold, or mites; high-energy health care bead materials can avoid this.

Easy to clean

Highly environmentally friendly material, durable and recyclable. As long as it is carried in a mesh bag during washing, it will not deform after frequent cleaning, thereby maintaining the quality and functionality of the pillow.

Product materials

Japanese high energy health beads

The hollow ball made of high-quality polyester fiber has been patented in many countries. Its appropriate softness and resilience can effectively support the head, shoulders, and neck when the human body is lying down, allowing muscles to relax. , improves blood circulation, relieves neck pain and pressure on cervical vertebrae, greatly improves users' sleep quality, and brings infinite joy to people with neck pain and poor sleep! The materials are environmentally friendly and easy to clean, creating a better sleeping environment for the respiratory system.

product specifications

Dimensions: approximately 33 x 49cm