Guiyang stone magnetic therapy belt

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Protect your lumbar health anytime, anywhere

Product introduction

Japan's Guiyang Stone Magnetic Therapy Belt uses medical permanent magnets and is a flexible lumbar orthosis. The magnet's magnetic field can promote local blood circulation, reduce the overload burden on the waist and surrounding muscles, and improve muscle stiffness.

The belt also uses rare Guiyang stone produced in Japan, which can release large amounts of far-infrared rays and negative ions to promote metabolism, improve physical fitness, and has anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, nervous system and other effects, speeding up cell recovery. 

The tightness can be adjusted by adjusting the Velcro. It can be used as a girdle or knee pad to provide support for joints. The anti-allergic elastic fiber cloth of Japan's Guiyang Stone Magnetic Therapy Waist Belt can be washed in the washing machine, folded and bent, providing lightweight waist protection!

Product Features

far infrared ray

  • Improve blood circulation, relieve muscle stiffness
  • Relieve exercise muscle strain and pain
  • Enhance organizational metabolism and improve physical function

Permanent magnet

  • Extend the magnetic waveband to generate magnetic energy that can deeply penetrate various parts of the human body
  • Accelerate cell recovery, reduce inflammation and relieve pain
  • Promote metabolism, help wound healing

Japanese Guiyang stone

  • Release far infrared rays and negative ions to improve physical constitution
  • Improve microcirculation, eliminate qi stagnation and blood stasis
  • Relax muscles and nerves, reduce inflammation and relieve pain

Negative ions

  • Enhance the body's self-healing power to prevent the occurrence of pain.
  • Dredging the meridians to reduce numbness and weakness
  • Helps blood oxygen transport


1. Make sure there are magnetic patches inserted in the pocket.

2. Place the magnetic sheet around the waist and back, affixing it in a comfortable position on the abdomen.

3. Adjust the tightness of the belt according to your preference.

4. The product must be used on thin innerwear to avoid direct contact with the skin.

product specifications

Name: Guiyang Stone Magnetic Therapy Waist Belt


M waist circumference 70-90 cm / 27.5-35 inch

L Waist 85-105 cm/33-41 inch

LL waist circumference 90-115 cm/35-45 inch

LLL waist circumference 100-125 cm/39-49 inch

Materials: ferrite magnet, nylon, polyurethane, cotton, polyester fiber, etc.

Origin: Made in Japan