Hydrogen water generator

Hydrogen water generator

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Product introduction

Amazing Life's Portable Hydrogen Water Generator replenishes the body's daily hydration while also providing antioxidants. After drinking the hydrogen water, it can effectively combine with the human body's malignant superoxide free radicals and excrete it out of the body with urine, providing cells with sufficient nutrients to avoid damaging body cells. It is a super antioxidant that is necessary for the human body every day. .

Product Features

Amazing Life's Huanyuanji Portable Hydrogen Water Cup only takes 5 minutes to produce hydrogen water with a value of up to 1000ppb, which is 2-3 times higher than similar products on the market and is more effective. It is a super antioxidant generator! Moreover, the product can guarantee that the PPB and ORP values ​​of the hydrogen water produced will remain above 1000ppb within 3 years, ensuring that the product quality is excellent!

product specifications

Made in Korea, 1-year warranty.  


Add cooked water to the Huanyuanji portable hydrogen water generator and press the start button to produce hydroxide water with a value of up to 1000 ppb!