MEI time. liquid

MEI time. liquid

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Awaken cell memory, unlock the secret of reversing aging

Product introduction

Time leaves its mark on our faces. In addition to deepening wrinkles, the skin also becomes dull and sagging. Amazing Life firmly believes that reversing muscle age is the most effective, significant and fast way to eliminate traces! The latest Japanese cutting-edge scientific research patented technology - ACTISYNTHESIS TECHNOLOGY, can target cell information transmission and memory, truly helping you reverse skin age, get rid of the shackles of time, and regain control of your skin's destiny.


ACTISYNTHESIS TECHNOLOGY is a Japanese patented scientific research technology that can fully awaken and activate the skin, thereby improving the functional operation of cells and reactivating skin cells that have been dormant for a long time.

Product Features


Activate muscle potential

Restore intercellular communication, improve cellular function, and stimulate dermal collagen regeneration.

Reversal of skin destiny

Eliminate free radicals in cells, alleviate cell oxidation, effectively resist aging, and improve skin health.

Restore youth and health

Awaken cell memory, reshape cells, restore skin elasticity and firmness, and recreate moist radiance.

Six major effects:

Effectively smoothes wrinkles

Ultimate whitening light class

Promote cell renewal

Create elasticity and firmness

Repair damaged cells

Reshape three-dimensional contours

product specifications

Capacity: 100ml


daily care

After cleansing the face in the morning and evening, spray it about 30 cm away from the face. When the skin is completely absorbed, it can repair and activate cell regeneration, remove traces on the face, whiten and fade dullness.

before makeup

Before applying makeup, spray it about 30 cm away from the face. It can be regarded as a two-in-one lotion and essence. It has high moisturizing effect and is refreshing and non-sticky. After applying makeup, spray it about 30 cm away from the face. It can set makeup and Helps hydrate and make makeup last longer.