Casual Rest - Relax Master

Casual Rest - Relax Master

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The savior of snoring, only by sleeping at will!

Product introduction

The latest product "Sleep Free" is specially designed for people who snore or adjust their sleeping position. The high pillow and side sleeping design effectively supports the head, keeps the cervical spine and spine in a straight line, adjusts the sleeping posture and maintains a healthy spine curvature; it also reduces snoring problems caused by narrowing of the respiratory tract and keeps the trachea unobstructed. The concave design aligns the head, shoulders, neck and lower back vertically, which can support the shoulders and body weight, reduce the pressure on the body, help adjust sleeping posture, reduce the burden on the cervical spine, and improve shoulder and neck pain symptoms. Whether placed in the living room or bedroom, it can be turned into a relaxing space!


The armrest can be placed on the left or right side, fully supporting and cushioning your arm, preventing numbness when using electronic devices.

Free time

Lean back on the casual bed and read a book, listen to some music.

Lying on your stomach to entertain yourself

Relaxing leisure time, suitable for watching movies, using mobile phones or other electronic products, reading books, etc.

Sleeping on your side

Side sleeping is recommended for use during sleep, as it helps reduce snoring!

Product Features

High pillow, designed for side sleeping

Being able to lift the head, improve the condition of posterior tongue displacement, and reduce nasal snoring caused by obstructed airways.

Middle floor, concave design

Let the shoulders naturally rest in the concave position so that the head, shoulders, neck and lower back are in a straight line, which helps to adjust the sleeping position and reduce the burden on the cervical spine, thus protecting the cervical spine.

Product materials

Top layer - headrest

The headrest is made of 95% polyester fiber and 5% polyurethane, which feels super soft! The soft memory foam material conforms to your head, reducing the burden on your head and giving you the best experience.

Mid-level recess/arm pad

The mid-layer is 100% man-made polyester and can be installed wherever you feel most comfortable! It can be placed on the left or right, freely deployed.

底層 - 身體支撐墊

The bottom part is made of 100% polyurethane foam, which effectively supports the upper body and firmly supports the body. The inclined design disperses the weight of the upper body and puts the body in a comfortable position!

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