Japanese Platinum Photon Magnetic Therapy Mat

Japanese Platinum Photon Magnetic Therapy Mat

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Revolutionary three-in-one solution to combat pain and insomnia

Product introduction

Modern science believes that magnetism is the "fifth vital element" of the human body, after water, air, sunlight and temperature. The Japanese platinum photon magnetic therapy pad uses permanent magnet - neodymium magnet as the main material core, with a density of up to 160mT (approximately 1600 Gauss), a total of 101 Japanese medical-grade permanent magnets. The generated magnets, negative ions and far-infrared rays penetrate all parts of the human body; the permanent magnets can form a magnetic field, and the generated magnets can penetrate the human body, improve microcirculation, and accelerate metabolism. At the same time, magnetic energy can relieve pain in various parts, remove metabolic substances from the body, and eliminate fatigue.

Secondly, the Japanese platinum photon magnetic therapy mat contains rich hot spring stones, which release a large amount of highly penetrating far-infrared rays and negative ions to promote the circulation of qi and blood, activate cells and water molecules in the body, accelerate cell repair, enhance the body's resistance, and restore body function. Oxygen and metabolic functions. At the same time, negative ions can balance the human body's electric field, regulate the autonomic nervous system and brain function, help stabilize mood, and relax the body and mind.

Coupled with brand-new CP fiber materials, including five core minerals: platinum, tourmaline, silica, gold and iridium, it can double the effect of magnetic therapy pads, help regulate nerves, relieve physical and mental imbalances, extend sleep time, and improve sleep quality .

Product Features

Magnetic therapy effect

  • Accelerate metabolism, improve microcirculation
  • Relieve body aches and pains, eliminate fatigue
  • Regulate the autonomic nervous system to improve sleep quality


Including five major core minerals:

  • Platinum is a catalyst that can enhance the functionality of other materials and has antioxidant properties
  • The jadeite carries a microcurrent, which can promote the circulation of qi and blood, and relieve fatigue and soreness.
  • Silicon dioxide can increase heat and maintain the stability of far infrared rays
  • Gold can promote the absorption of far infrared rays by the human body
  • Iridium has strong load-bearing capacity, is not easily deformed, and can consolidate the materials of hot spring mats.

hot spring stone

  • Improve blood circulation, clear blood vessels and lymphatic system
  • Balancing the positive and negative electrons in the body helps to relax the mind and body
  • Repair damaged cells, enhance immunity

Product materials

Jacquard top layer

  • The jacquard fabric is woven with satin stripes, lightweight, breathable, elastic, comfortable and soft.


  • Made from grinding raw materials of ore, through nanotechnology and quantum effects, the effect of the material is multiplied.

hot spring stone

  • Functional materials made from hot spring stones rich in minerals can release high permeability far infrared rays and negative ions.

Neodymium magnet

  • A total of 101 high-density permanent medical magnets are used to create a large magnetic field to relieve pain.


  • It is elastic, flexible and lightweight, and can adjust the mattress to a moderate firmness and support, making the body and mattress more comfortable.


  • The mattress is moisture-proof, non-deformable, odorless, mold-resistant, and durable.