Japanese gold energy quilt

Japanese gold energy quilt

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Pushing the boundaries of sleep

Product introduction

Japanese gold energy is combined with three major far-infrared radiation materials. It is made of photoelectronic fiber, hot spring stone and germanium ore. It emits a large amount of far-infrared rays and negative ions, and reflects the energy waves to the human body to keep the body warm. The gold fluff will increase the interaction with the skin. The adhesion density is close to every inch of skin, locking in body temperature, making you fall in love with it!

When used in conjunction with the Japanese photon magnetic therapy pad, it can enhance the effectiveness of the magnetic therapy pad.

Product Features

Triple Absorption Triple Effectiveness

Optoelectronic fiber

The "ultrafine ceramic particles" in the optoelectronic fiber will absorb the energy waves emitted by the human body temperature, and then use far-infrared rays with high heat transfer efficiency to absorb the body temperature. Reflected back to the human body to achieve a deep warmth retention effect, maintaining a certain level of warmth even after leaving the quilt. The far-infrared rays emitted by the "ultrafine ceramic particles" will also activate the water molecules in sweat and decompose them into small molecules that are easier to evaporate, preventing discomfort caused by residual sweat.

hot spring stone 

Hot spring stones have far-infrared rays, which can help the body's blood flow, remove dampness and detoxify. At the same time, it activates parasympathetic nerves and dilates blood vessels, accelerates blood circulation, relieves pain, and relieves pain.

germanium ore 

The far-infrared rays emitted by germanium ore can help blood circulation and metabolic fatigue, and have excellent ion penetration.32Far infrared rays release negative ions, neutralize positive ions in the body, adjust and balance the bioelectric currents, and improve sleep quality.

Product materials

Optoelectronic fiber materials

  • Release far infrared rays to dispel wind, cold, and dampness toxins
  • Able to reflect body heat, achieve deep warmth effect, and improve cold hands and feet problems
  • Helps shrink and evaporate sweat molecules, keeping dry and comfortable

hot spring stone material

  • Far infrared, help blood and qi circulation, keep warm and prevent cold
  • Activate the parasympathetic nervous system and dilate blood vessels
  • Accelerate blood circulation, relieve shoulder and neck soreness, back pain, and eliminate fatigue

germanium orematerials

  • Emit far infrared rays to improve blood circulation and alleviate fatigue
  • Release negative ions, neutralize positive ions in the body, achieve antioxidant effects
  • Adjust and balance the bioelectricity, calm the mind and promote sleep

golden fluff

  • Does not contain animal or vegetable fiber
  • Soft and comfortable texture
  • Increase the density with the body, locking in body heat

product specifications

Product Name: Japanese Golden Energy Patch

Dimensions: 150cm x 210cm

Weight: 2.5kg

Main materials:

Outer layer: 100% cotton

Inner layer: 50% hot spring stone fiber, 30% photonic fiber, 20% germanium fiber


Spring and summer suitable: covered with high-quality Japanese fiber material inside, soft and comfortable, helps to eliminate sweat odor and sweat.

Autumn and winter suitable: with 'golden velvet' covering inside, closely adhering to the skin, locking in body temperature, keeping warm from the outside to the inside all night.