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Lightweight and slim, suitable for all seasons

Product introduction

The far-infrared space metal quilt from South Korea has a four-layer design and is made of metal fiber and natural Bishen powder. It emits far-infrared rays and negative ion energy. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, helping you maintain body temperature while sleeping and activating water molecules in the body. , promote blood circulation and effectively improve cold constitution.

The space metal quilt can be used in conjunction with the "Japanese Optical Hot Spring Mat" to accelerate the heating effect, allowing you to relax the muscles and blood vessels throughout the body with the warmth, effectively relieving various pain and discomfort. The metal fiber surface of the space metal quilt can reflect negative ions and far-infrared rays, hindering energy loss, allowing negative ion energy to travel throughout the body, regulating the nervous system and blood circulation, and helping the body detoxify and resist oxidation. The two can complement each other, show significant effects, and provide a full range of health care treatments during sleep.

Product Features

far infrared ray

  • Microthermia effect, maintain body temperature
  • Generate resonance, promote blood circulation, improve cold constitution
  • Improve metabolism and enhance immune system


Negative ions

  • Helps purify and filter the air, eliminates odors and disinfects
  • Antioxidant, activate cells, help maintain cell health
  • Calm and relax the autonomic nervous system to improve sleep quality

Product materials

metal fiber material

  • Emit far infrared energy, reflect negative ion energy


Natural chrysanthemum powder (tourmaline

  • Complies with the OEKO-TEX® standard in Zurich, Switzerland. It contains absolutely no toxic substances and can release rich negative ion energy.



  • Increase the weight of the quilt to provide a greater sense of security for better sleep, prevent deformation of the quilt, and make it easier to fold and store.


Imitation down cotton material

  • Lightweight and soft, it can absorb body heat and block cold air intrusion, providing optimal warmth.

product specifications

type              size

Single thin quilt       145 x 210cm

Single thick quilt       145 x 210cm

Double thin quilt       180 x 210cm

Double thick quilt       180 x 210cm


During winter: you can turn the metallic side down (i.e. fabric facing outwards), which helps reflect far infrared rays back to the body, keeping it warm.

In summer: metal fabric can be turned upwards (i.e. shoe fabric inwards) to effectively dissipate body heat, keeping cool and comfortable.