*New Product* Japanese Autonomic Nervous System Low-Frequency Self-Healing Device

*New Product* Japanese Autonomic Nervous System Low-Frequency Self-Healing Device

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Japanese Patent Technology Sweep Therapy

Comprehensive improvement of autonomic nervous system dysfunction

The Japanese Autonomic Nerve Medium Frequency Self-Treatment Device, which has received medical certification from the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare, is designed for people with health problems caused by autonomic nervous system disorders. It can balance the entire nervous system and restore body functions to a stable state. In particular, the only patented technology in Japan, Sweep Therapy, can be used to stimulate muscles and nerves in a wide range through spinal cord therapy to achieve the best therapeutic effect.

Product Features

Fascial Therapy
Using Sweep modulation wave to bring pressure to connective tissue and muscles can help stimulate the fibroblasts in the fascia to produce new collagen, soothing and reducing the stiffness of the fascia.

spinal cord electrotherapy
The use of Sweep modulated wave is suitable for the treatment mode of soothing nerve paralysis. The current will change at a certain interval between the frequency of 50 ~ 1000 Hz, thereby treating symptoms such as autonomic nervous system disorder.

pain relief therapy
The treatment mode for relieving muscle soreness is composed of a combination of nine different stimulation procedures, like a back-beating, massage-like rhythmic feeling.

Muscle training mode
Suitable for muscle recovery training, helping to exercise abdominal muscles, arms, thighs, biceps, deltoid muscles, etc. 6 unique different stimulation programs that simulate the brain's command of muscle activity to contract and relax.

product specifications

Product Name: Japanese Autonomic Nervous System Infrasound Self-Healing Device

Product model: LFP2HK

Medical Device Certification Number: 224AGBZX00109A02

Voltage: AC100 - 220V 50/60Hz

Power consumption: 5W

Output current: 20mA

Usage time: 30 minutes (per session)

Safety feature: Built-in timer function, will automatically stop after a maximum of 30 minutes

Dimensions: H:50mm / L:209mm / W:262mm

Weight: about 1kg

Product weight: approximately 3.7kg

Timer: 30 minutes (built-in)

Country of Origin: Japan


Japanese technology patent

Sweep Serape Medical Device Manufacturing and Sales Certification

Ministry of Health and Welfare Medical Device License

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