Liquid Energy Cream

Liquid Energy Cream

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Anti-inflammatory, soothing, gentle and skin-friendly

Product introduction

It uses 7 kinds of natural elements extracted from Japanese hot spring minerals and various plants with therapeutic effects. It can produce a large amount of negative ions and far-infrared energy, which can provide immediate relief to various pain conditions and have a self-repairing effect on skin cells!


Rejuvenate blood

The negative ions and far-infrared energy contained in hot spring minerals and plant essences provide ionized oxygen supply for blood circulation, restore normal cell metabolism, and activate blood gas circulation.

relieve pain

Effectively dispersing the accumulated substances that cause pain at the affected area can quickly alleviate the sensation of pain, and continuous use can enhance the therapeutic effect.

cell regeneration

The negative ionization process can restore cells to normal absorption of water and nutrients, activate metabolism, promote natural repair ability, enhance good cellular immunity in the body, and regain vitality.

Reshape your body

Apply an appropriate amount to fat areas and lightly massage along blood vessels and lymphatics to break down accumulated substances and shape body curves.

Restore beauty (skin)

Used for facial and neck beauty treatments, it can enhance facial contours, reduce wrinkles and pigmentation, leaving a radiant appearance.

Product ingredients

Eggplant fruit extract, grapefruit fruit extract, angelica extract, crab apple extract, aloe vera leaf extract, linden tree extract, hydrolyzed white mustard seed extract, peach leaf extract, water-soluble proteoglycan, kaolin, phosphorus Yttriumite, trehalose, iron oxide, thorium oxide, titanium oxide, vitamin E, jojoba oil, calcium silicate, hydrated silicon dioxide, sodium hyaluronate.



150g per stick


  1. Cleanse the skin before applying to facilitate absorption and penetration; for best results, use after bathing or cleansing the face.
  2. For beauty treatments, it is recommended to use in the evening.
  3. If there is a wound, do not apply directly to the affected area. It is recommended to apply it near the location, which helps accelerate the repair of the affected area.